Hi I am Kyoko, I was born and raised up in Sendai Japan and have been working as a secretary for many years.  I had started tour guide since 2017, getting a Taxi licence and registered as a guide to several companies now.


Tohoku Local Secret Tours

Cruise Port Navigation

Attracxi-private tours and charters


Please let me show you around my home town!

I am also being Ninja performer (Kunoichi, woman ninja). Related to ninja, I am blackbelt holder of Taekwondo, have certificate of perticipation to Krav Maga master lesson, and completion of the course of Security Protection academy in Japan for your safety.  I would love to demonstrate some ninja show for you too.

Tour Guide Questionnaire

Kyoko Onodera

(Cruise port naviation ver.)

1. What is your full name?  


2. What areas or regions will you be guiding?

Ishinomaki, Matsushima, Sendai

3. What is your gender (male or female)?


4. In what city do you currently live? (city, prefecture)

Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture

5. In what city were you born? (city, prefecture)

Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture

6. In what city did you grow up? (city, prefecture)

Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture, Tokyo for university 4 years

7. Do you currently have a job (part-time or full-time) other than tour guide?

a. If so,  what kind of work you do. 

I work as secretary over 20 years. (Professor, doctor, Dean of Major University, IVF clinic CEO)  I have a strong skill of communication and coordination based on the experience, and organizing many conferences small to big including international annual meeting. 

I am running my own small secretary business making use of this skill for 2 years now.

8. If you are retired, what was your former job position?

Not retired yet

9. What is your experience as a tour guide to date?

  a. Organization(s) name

Tohoku local secret tours of In-outbound Sendai Matsushima Inc.

  b. Geographic Area(s) covered 

All Tohoku (Northeastern) Area

  c. Total years of experience as a guide 

Since 2017.

10. What foreign languages do you speak? 

  a. English?  Yes       

-I have a fluency as accepted to work as a interpreter on UWCDRR(UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction) held in Sendai in 2015.

  b. Other? French 

-daily conversation, learned 4 years as a second language.

  c. Are you fluent enough in this other foreign language to guide using it?

see above

11. Have you ever lived overseas? If so where and for how long? 

Have experience of Rotary youth exchange student in highschool time, 1993 for a year in Seattle.

12. What do you like to do during your free time? 

Like to travel and drive. My hobby is making short movies with my tiny 4K gimbal camera. My memorable car is first generation roadster NA8C.

13. Do you have personal/professional interests in addition to your free time activities?  If so, what are they? 

I like new technology, new product, gadgets. I can arrange shopping.

14. As for your guide experience/interests, do you have a specialties?   (for example, history, art, food, shopping)?  

Keen to knowing Ninja because I think they are the original of multipotentialite for hiding identity, and their skills must have correlation with modern business mind.  I am a Ninja performer too.

15. What was your most memorable or favorite experience as a tour guide so far? Why?

One of my most memorable guide experiences was with doctor with his wife from Danish. I took them to local sightseeing spot Matsushima island and arranged several reservation to suit their request. I was happy hearing a message on the last day that they said they were glad that the guide was me.  

16. Specifically, why want to join CPN’s private tour guide matchmaking service for cruisers?

I can help guests with my coordination skill, want to meet people from around the world  and want to be helpful to them just I had experienced that feeling when I was exchange student in foreign country.

17. What area(s) in your vicinity are you able to guide?

Matsushima, Sendai- Tokyo 

Guest Book

Thank you for your reviews and messages.

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    Helen from USA (土曜日, 11 5月 2019 18:54)

    Kyoko did a amazing job giving our small group a tour from Ishinomaki to Matsushima. She was prepared, knowledgeable, and well-spoken. The tour she prepared was inclusive and she had a wonderful personality which made for a lovely experience.

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    Test Hanako-Japan (土曜日, 13 4月 2019 23:33)